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This page contains additional information about the insult "Karen".
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Being called a Karen basically means you are a pain in the butt. You are the kind of person who is never satisfied with people working service jobs, asking to speak to the manager, complaining constantly, and just making sure that everyone knows that your needs are above everyone else's. Essentially, someone who is entitled and very aware of their privilege. It is the equivalent of calling someone a soccer mom.

Karens can usually be spotted by their iconic hairstyle, also commonly called the "I Want to Speak to Your Manager" hairstyle. The best I can describe it is an extremely angled bob that is shorter in the back than in the front. A lot of times, it is dyed blonde and has bold highlights. A standard Karen haircut also has shorter, spiky bits at the top back area, generally gelled to stand up and out. For a more detailed description, click here.